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back to school…again? Hulyo 13, 2006

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i am planning to take up online courses to pursue my bachelors degree in nursing. nto that i am not earning enough money but i do not want to get stuck being a bedside nurse. i wanted to do something more like becoming a nurse practitioner, nurse anaesthesist, nurse researcher, public health nursing or forensic nursing. there are lots of opportunist available and i would like to be able to broadn my knowledge and skillsets as a professional nurse.

planning is not that easy because i needed to consider a lot of factors. finances, time management, curriculums, pre-requisites, universities and colleges, pros and cons of distance learning programs and the list goes on and on. but i told myself that i will not go through another semester without taking up at least one course. i am thinking either statistics or western civilation which i failed (becasue i just stopped going to school and didnt withdraw form the class). i decided that since norwalk community college offers distance learning program, i will just apply for a re-admissiona and register for classes this fall 2006. i’ll see how it goes.

this is going to be a new experience and will take up much of my time especially now that i just started to do charge nursing in our unit. maybe i will be more responsible since i am so motivated in what i want to be in the future.

time will tell.


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