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the days that i am off Hunyo 26, 2006

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i was off for 4 days straight since thursday night. it was pretty hectic…for my bed and belly.

lets start on thursday night (june 22) – i wanted to det drunk that night for no reason whatsoever. i just felt like i wanted to drink some jose cuervo pineapple tequila but ended up drinking parrot bay pineapple rum and undetermined amount of straight liqour shots (vodka, gin, rum). my world was turning and i was very happy indeed until 5 am the next day

friday morning (june 23) 5 am, i started feeling “icky” on my stomach. i barfed once and got rid of all the toxins in my body with just one shot. but it didnt end well cause i threw my back in the process of puking my brains out. so, the night that started on thursday didnt end that night but continued on to be irritating since i couldnt do anything standing or sitting. i was just ont he floor the entire day friday while mike and mark were trying to cook a filipino dish called “kalderetang baka”. they did a pretty good job. it tastes great! anyway, we watched lord of the rings 1 & 2 the whole day.

saturday morning (june 24) – i woke up at 5 am again and still my back hurts. i watched my soapd in abs-cbn namely “sa piling me” with my cute filipino boyfriend piolo pascual and “bituing walang ningnning” with zsa-zsa padilla, ai-ai delas alas ang this young girl. anyway, we went to amy hardwick’s place in fountain city so we can drive to kentucky splash in williamsburg, ky. it was pretty neat, small water park but enough to quench oour thirst fro swimming and some honest to goodness fun. there were 3 slides, a lazy river, a kiddie jungle gym pool and a wave pool. we also did soem pu-put golf. i felt like a child again and i missed atong. he wouldve enjoyed all of that. after the water park, i laid my tired and aching back at the love sack of the shaggin wagon. and rode back to amy’s place to drop them off. we proceeded to call on becky to come over our house.


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