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It has been a while Hunyo 19, 2006

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Whew…i am back from my dream vacation of 5 years!!!


It wasnt actually a relaxed vacation. Everybody probably had a very relaxing time but me. No regrets though. If i have any, it will only be the time that i have to deal with my dad’s hard-headedness. But he is still my dad, so i really do not have a choice in that matter…

I will try and give a day to day account of what happened in the Philippines. It was just awesome! Everything was great! I saw almost everybody that i needed and wanted to see. Some people and events were skipped due to limited time and finances but they will have their own time in the future. We came back on June 3 and we wre still both sick from the trip. So i skipped work June 5 and started back on June 7.

SO…Let me just talk about today…

Today, Mike’s parents are here. We just saw pictures of our trip tot he Philippines and Mark & Jamie’s trip to New Mexico. I guess they kinda know about Atong but not as much, so i filled them in with just a few information about my son. They were very nice, no doubts about that. They were happy to see the garden. We also gave them their pasalubong. They were ecstatic about their table cloth and napkins made out of jusi at pinya. Mike’s mom got a hand woven bag and his dad got a Barong style shirt.


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