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day 3 – rizal park Mayo 18, 2006

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We woke up pretty early on day 3. i set out to do our mini tour so i can entertain both atong and mike. the first on my agenda was the rizal park. so we took a taxi from our hotel to rizal park. the day was very humid as usual and there were lots of people trying to take our picture, sell us something or offered a tour of intramuros. it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. after the initial hooplas, we were pretty much left alone to walk around. i explained to mike and atong about rizal park but mike is actually ahead of me since he knew who rizal is. he did his historical research about the philippines. atong was very happy just to be with the two of us. he was posing with mike and was very polite. we visited the chinese garden but it was full of people sleeping under the pagoda so we went to japanese garden. it wasnt as great but it was a beautiful scene on it own way. we also saw the flower clock, the chess place, the skating rink and the map of the philippine islands. mike caught soemthing peculiar though. there were no water on any of the places that was supposed to have some for decoration purposes. i just said it was a country with too few resources but he said ” how can you guys run out of water? you are surrounded by it?” we just both laughed it out and went on to walk around. atong was trying to speak in english and mike was trying to speak in tagalog. it was funny!

for the rest of the pictures…



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