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day 1 – welcome home! Mayo 16, 2006

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when we arrived at Nino’s place in Road 10, it was almost midnight. they were all sweet! we found a sign at the rooftop saying “welcome home mommy grace and mike!”. and there were lots of food and beer! we talked, laughed and exchanged stories throughout the night. we also took some loopy pictures! it was just great. it was not that hot but was very humid. i love hugging my son! the food was awesome. i havent had so much filipino food at one time! yum yum yum. i also found DJ MIx (straberry flavored cigarettes). mike and atong slept at 5:30am till 8 am. but i couldnt. i was just so excited to be there! I saw all of nino’s family except nanay marlyn. che-che, nino’s wife was very hospitable. their kids are awesome and very cute!!! their names were bitoy, daga, kat-kat and the youngest is aw-aw. we ate some champurado (cooked by roselyn) and pandesal for breakfast. mike ate a huge bowl of it and was full the entire day. atong was a sport although he didnt sleep much either. he was just a happy kid! he loved all the things and clothes that i bought for him. everybody was singing and eating but my god! there were at least 10 kids at one place! it was all fun though i was really exhausted. i cancelled my appointment with sanctuario spa and went to check in at tropicana apartment hotel at 4 or 5 pm.

for the rest of the picures…



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