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day 1 – from usa to japan Mayo 15, 2006

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this is the day!

We boarded out first leg of Northwest flights from Atlanta at around noon going to Detroit. Stopped over at that airport for a couple of hours then boarded our 14 hour flight to Japan. Whew! There was a lot of Filipinos on that flight. We sat beside Gary, who came from Illinois just to visit his long time girlfriend in Davao. Our in flight food wasnt so bad, i catually enjoyed every meal but i didnt get the chance to watch anything cause we were too far from the screen. I slept the entire flight with the occasional conversation with Mike and Gary. I am pretty darn exciuted to be in Mnaila at this point. As we are approachign Japan, Mike was the one who is excited to see Nagoya airport and their expensive crappers. we arrived Japan without any problem. Mike had his fill of Japanese brewed beer and got to see the $6000.00 crappers with heated seated, massage, bidet and all the luxury of a toilet bowl. Finally, we arrived at NAIA at around 11pm. We got through immigration without any problem but the Philippine customs is what i expected, the rotten corruption that is in full view without any pretense at all. I was basically asked for a bribe!

I couldnt use my phone to call Nino about our arrival. So i dotn really have any idea of what is happening at this point. I was trying to get me some philippine peso to try and call them but a nice security told me where to go and look fo any people who might be picking us up. I left Mike with our bags to check and saw Nino! I hugged him and told him that i will be getting mike and our bags. When i came back, Atong was there too with Roselyn and Sonny Boy! I couldnt help but felt very happy at this point! All i could do was hug and kiss Atong!!!

We loaded our bags to a van but was apprehended by policemen because we were at the no loading zone! After a few talk, i was surprised that they let us go without any bribe. Whew! So we went on our way to Nino’s place for some party!!!

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