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anxiety attack Mayo 12, 2006

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i was having an anxiety attack. For the first time, i called my mom as early as 7:30 am just to tell her how much of a nervous wreck i was at that time. there are several posiblities as to why this happened but the worst part of this is that i almost got into an accident just being hyped up without anything. Not that i had a close encounter on a car wreck, i actually didnt have any but in my mind it was playing that i will be on a car wreck or something. i was very jittery and nervous.

it may be that i am excited to go home or that i am really hungry since i just ate 4 eggs since yesterday morning and i worked on a very stressful environment last night.

My whole night was focused on this young guy who was very sick. he was having explosive diarrhea (which i have to change his bed 3 times last night as we didnt have any nursing assistant), a blood sugar of 11 (which sometimes can push a person to a comatose state if not prevented immediately), hypertensive with a systolic blood pressure of 190 (which can lead to stroke), renal failure (cannot pee therefore cannot excrete excess fluid in the body and of course cannot metabolize some drugs), severely anemic (which resulted to giving 1 unit of packed red blood cells), mrsa infected (so he was also on contact isolation) and also has a heart failure (in conjunction to renal failure, this man wasnt breathing quite well since he is drowning on his own body fluids). See, what i have to deal with? and this is just one patient! i have 5 others with at least 2 others who are almost as severely sick as him! I didnt even get the chance to pee last night. which lead me to remember that i was starving too!

oh well, life’s a bitch..

but i still thank whoever it is that looks upon mankind, that i am not the one who is sick and is bed ridden at this time.


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