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tondo girl Abril 20, 2006

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539 P. Herrera St. Tondo, Manila

yep, i am a certified tondo girl…beware or “lalagyan kita ng butas sa tagiliran”

as i recall, that was my address since i dont know when till i was about 12 years old. after being in touch with edna gonzales ( her married name as i dont remember her maiden name ), my childhood barkada, i recollected memories of my childhood life playing on the streets of bilbao, p. herrera and carmen planas.

i remember marie jane simangan (jane) , maria lourdes (malou), carlota (liit), edna gonzales (edna), tina (tina), ervin gonzales (ervin), michael calimag (michael), jason go (jason), gilbert chan (gilbert), levi (levi), janet (janet), and gemmalyn (gigi).

there are many others that edna was telling me about but i wasnt as close as these people in the list.

jane has the most beautiful exotic eyes as far as i can remember. she has this gorgeous curly hair and olive skin. but even with all these characteristics, she acts tomboyish and usualy acts like one of the boys. if i remember correctly, as told by friends to me before, she got interested and tried acting like a girl when gilbert took interest on her. edna jokingly told me on our recent conversations that it was partly my fault why jane got stuck on becoming a full pledged lesbian. then i remembered that gilbert was one of my childhood crushes only because he sent me a note that he like me! later on, he told me that he got turned off by jane’s behaviour (or was that malou who told me that?). kids were kids, and soon we all started to hang out again as if nothing has changed.

malou was our chubby girl with a cute chubby face when we were kids. she can get too loud at times too. although shes overweight as a kid, she was a good football player with a very good kick. i remember her being very talkative and happy all the time altough there are times that we talk about my mean sister that makes her feel more poor than she ever was.

liit was a small kid with a cute smile whenever she actually flashes it. i am not sure if she was the one who concocted our secret language before. able baker cheers dear ever forever gracious humble iten joker king liberty moment never over peter queen remember sweet true under v walker xray yankee zebra. ooops, i guess the language isnt a secret anymore…

more to come…


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  1. thanks Grace for remembering…

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