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tick..tock…tick…tock… Abril 18, 2006

Filed under: english alphabet,my immortal life — nixinne @ 11:06 umaga

gosh…its april 18…

less than one month and ill be kissing the philippine soil. ill be able to hug my son and my dad. ill be able to see old friends. ill be able to eat authentic filipino food. ill be able to walk on the dirty streets of manila. ill be able to swim on the ocean without freezing. ill be able to talk in my own language all the time. ill be able to see the beautiful sceneries. ill be able to smell smokey mountain. ill be able to joke around with my family. ill be able to eat balut, isaw, taho and lugaw. ill be able to play with the kids. ill be able to dance and act like a nutso anytime without thinking if i am bothering the neighbors. ill be able to sleep on the floor or rather not sleep at all coz its too freakin hot there. ill be able to shower 3 times a day since its going to be humid all the time. ill be able to see all the smiling faces of everybody i love and hate.

i cannot wait. im so excited. i cant even sleep at night although i really dont sleep at night since i work night shifts. i cant think of anything else but the slow ticking of the clock. tick tock tick tock….damn! is it may 14 yet????

i watched fun with dicka nd jane last night and it wasnt as fun as i thought it would be. i had a a few laughs but eh…just a few…


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