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getting used to knoxville Abril 15, 2006

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i have always been looking forward to working in another place after knoxville. i always said in the past that i am bored and that there is nothing in here and that people are dumb, etc. but the truth of the matter is that i am just not used to this new surroundings.

this isnt a big city that i am used to but it has its own beauty and positive attributes. market square has been very good for hanging out on beautiful days since the bars and restaurants offer and open area where people can eat and enjoy the outdoor weather. old city and the college strip offers variety in music and fun. comedy shows, music jams, celebrity bartenders, outdoor movies, (almost) broadway shows, greenways, trails, cheesy vacation houses, beer festivals, wine festivals, camping sites, and other activities that i have not explored yet are available to enjoy. although they are small town activities with small town participants, it can be fun in a way.

its scary to admit that i am getting accustomed to being here in knoxville. i guess it just grows on you when you stay on one place too long. my co-workers are awesome and fun. even my patients are very appreciative with all our hardwork. i got a good group of friends to go out with, a backyard with a nice view and most of all, ive got here friends that call themselves my family.

but, as free-spirited as i am, i cannot let this ruin my chances to explore what it is outside knoxville. although i am beginning to get accustomed to all the things that is fun here in knoxville, i still have other things to do and accomplish.

i will always come back and experience knoxville fun with all the friends that i made here…memories will be saved in my databank and will be reminisced when i am long gone from this area that became my home for the last 9 months


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