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i may have been wrong Abril 12, 2006

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Current mood: happy

i hate to admit that i was wrong about being in a bad mood the other day. it may have been just because i was tired from work and needing attention or i just didnt wait enough for the day to progress before i started making wrong judgements.

men can be surprising at times. their minds are like a box of chocolates, you never know what youre gonna get.

and they can be as sweet as chocolates too. i have to redeem myself from being a complete bitch, but i cannot cause i was proved wrong.

i had to work on the 10th but i got to do treasure hunting. mike apparently arranged a treasure hunt for me by using a lot of details of our first night together.

1. he made me read our first online conversation that he saved on his computer at the time we actually spoke to each other on our first date and i found out that there are some hidden clues there to were i should find the next clue.

2. i found the next clue telling me to call my voicemail ont he exact time i called him from my cellphone (attached with the clue was the log of my first phone call from his phone bill)

3. voicemail told me to search for a paper on samantha. i found it behind the drivers seat. the picture contains the pcture of new york grand central station where we first met but with another clue hidden on it. the clue was the dodge logo cleverly hidden on the picture which is the make of his van,

4. so i searched the van a found 2 maps. the first map reveals the route we took to go to the restaurant where we ate on our first date in soho. the second one revealed the exact same route but in knoxville.

5. amazingly enough, the name of the first restaurant we went to was the same as the one here in knoxville. isnt that amazing?

6. and last but not the least, his apartment in new york has a view of midtown manhattan and he made sure that i saw the same perspective here in knoxville. he does not have an apartment in downtown knoxville but he rented one of the rooms at the top floor of hilton so i can see the same view in manhattan minus the towering buildings.

needless to say, i was speechless. i was just too grateful and ashamed for my previous behavior all at the same time. i shouldnt have doubted him. and i deeply apologized for what i have said and doen the previous day.

thanks mike for the most wonderful evening i ever had. it was very memorable and touching. i love you more than ever and i promise not to doubt you again…


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