bunch of nonsense

i think, therefore I am (an RN)

who invented anniversaries anyway? Abril 10, 2006

Current mood: pissed off

what makes a day special and want to celebrate it every year?

women unfortunately have the knack for making every day a holiday. cookie day, spring cleaning day, pms day, birthday, athletic day, sick day, christmas day, anniversary day…damn, i bet it’s women fault that we have all those holidays.

i am not mad that we have national holidays or birthdays because that is a valid excuse not to go to work. but for heaven and hells sake! why anniversaries? it very unfortunate of me, a female, who is trapped into the tradition of making up anniversary date and trying to shove it into somebody’s ass.

now, i am very much obliged to get mad if the date is ignored. and it is currently getting ignored. and i am getting really pissed.

but you know what? i dont have anybody else to blame but tradition and society because if it werent initiated then i wont be in this dilemma. but if i am to think like a real woman, maybe i should just get mad at the person and not the system. what the heck…i will just evaporate into thin air and get it over and done with. if it is not important to the other person, i might as well, drop the subject, go on to my usual daily routine and sleep the day away.

i hate being pissed but i am not going to sulk and ruin my day just because of it so, to hell with everybody! bleh!


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