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reminiscing our new york days Marso 28, 2006

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last night we went to cookeville to meet up with some friends. davy and shawna ( i hope i am spelling er name right) lives in cookeville while ada, a friend from our new york days who is now working as a consultant in nashville, also came down to meet us halfway.

it was almost two hours drive and being a master driver, mark was assigned the task or was forced to do so since mike and i have difficulties diving at nigh ( meaning, we are both blind). we all met up at chili’s where shawna works. i was so excited to see ada again. i havent seen her in a while and she was basically my drinking buddy and my confidante when i was in new york city. we hugged and shared our hilarious moments together in new york. i drank my share of blue margarita which was served on a fishbowl. darn, that was a huge drink, i thought i was going to have brain freeze. ada got a cosmo and the rest got captain & cokes. it was a great night. we had our happy hour drinks at chili’s and went over downtown. i am not sure if we went to spanky’s for dinner but that place was awesome. the seafood entrees are delicious and so are their appetizers. we all had fun sharing stories of being drunk and other stories that includes pornographic details. ha ha ha. being with mike, mark and davy, i guess that wasnt so surprising. needless to say we even talked about sexual names for the 52 states.., well, almost. we were all just happy to be hanging out on a different venue that night.

i miss new york city or for any big city for that matter. talking to ada, i reminisced our times of bar hopping, living the glamorous city life where everybody is awake and loopy till the wee hours of the morning. not that i am talking abotu booze all the time but even those times that i am actually sober. its ust fun to be able to roam around the city trying to discover different cultures, participate in various events and get to meet people who are willing to party and enjoy city night life. ada and i have gone to various restaurant and bars after work hours just to talk about things. having a girl friend like ada is refreshing. she is easy to talk to and is always up for some adventures.

i wonder what will be my life again after knoxville. i usually say i am bored here but nonetheless, i have met warm and caring people here. they are fun to be with and are very hospitable. i admit, i am beginning to warm up with knoxville life but life has to move on and more adventures are about to happen. maybe my next destination will be much more promising…


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