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ipod addiction Marso 26, 2006

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i admit.
i am now addicted to my ipod.
that is all i am doing during the hours that i am awake.

i am lovin this sweet thing! aside from listening to my music, i can do a lot of things with it. a lot of it are free but if you are like me who wants everything best for my new toy, its not cheap.

i have more or less 1300 songs on my music folder but i still have to make my own playlist.

my pictures are still yet to come. i downloaded 144 photos and i am still trying to pick photos from my 8000 photofiles that i want to put in my ipod photo collection.

as for videos, i just downloaded a home video from one of our trips to see how it looks like. it was pretty cool but i was not about to fill it with just home videos. i wanted family guy in there so i can enjoy quagmire and stewie anytime i wanted to. but i couldnt get it from anywhere unless i am from teh geek squad (ie, need knowledge in using torrent files). so i ended up buying DVD to IPOD software so i can convert my dvd episodes to files that i can view in my ipod and whalla! i got two of them here although i still have a long way to go before i can finish up 3 seasons of it.

another cool thing about this are the audiobooks. i just finished listenign to memoir of geisha and i loved it! i am a fast reader meaning i skim most of the time and i miss a lot of point in a novel but with the audiobooks i can easily imagine myself being where the characters are! awesome!

podcasts – darn…those things are awesome…videos, news, entertainment, comedies and most of all…cartoon! happy tree friends are my favorite…oh…another thing that make podcasts awesome?…its free!


more to come..getting tired of typing…geez…its almost 3 in the morning!


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