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working like a dog Marso 25, 2006

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working like a dog
Current mood: exhausted

yep, i am working like a dog….its just my break from my long hours of walking from one room to the next, faxing medication requests, calling doctors, giving medications, listening to patients complaints, changing IV fluids, getting vital signs, helping co-workers with their admissions, charting my documentations, checking chart for orders, & long standing headache…

i got my ipod yesterday and it was pretty cool but i guess it is really costing me a lot more than i expected…i think i will have to pick up more overtime work to pay for all of it. darn, i got carried away buying some other stuff for this ipod like the itrip for fm transmission of my songs while on the road, ac power, car power adapter, docking system, and a case to protect the screen. my god…i got overboard! now, i really have to get overtime…

its their standard white 30 gig ipod video. i uploaded some pictures and most of music files. to my dissappointment, my msn-purchased music files are not there yet. i will have to check them out when i get home from work today. i also bought my first audiobook – memoirs of geisha. im liking it but i just dont have the time to listen to it. my co-worker, kristi, had time to listen to some music before the batteries died. she is so funny, she’s so naive, or thats how she prtrays herself. she was laughing hysterically while listening to tenacious d’s “fuck her gently” song.

we had some steak out for “lunch”. i got salmon and some grilled mushroom. it was the best mushrooms i had but my stomach is not digesting it well. the sweet tea is always awesome…mmm…sweet tea…

ok, i guess my break is done…i just received report from morristown for a transferring patient…the room is ready…i just hope he gets here before 6 am so i dont have to stay over to assess and chart…


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