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things to do??? Marso 22, 2006

Filed under: bored posts,english alphabet,my immortal life — nixinne @ 10:46 hapon

nyquil is great! darn, i had the greatest sleep today. slept till 1230 pm. and then answered some bulletin posts and re-posted them in myspace.

ive got no outside life. its not sad. i like it sometimes. last night, we watched battlestar galactiva, the first mini series. it was pretty cool. now i am officially in geek stardom. so, to counter the act, i made mike watch this stupid filipino movie. and because it is stupid, we did not even see the end of it because the dvd refused to play the last two scenes. suckers.

the questions in my mind today…where to go…what to do…i suppose i can do some things that are beneficial to mankind. to me at least. but here i am. being a geek and writing a blog. sad, annoying, amusing and terribly funny.

i guess the nyquil is stll clouding up my senses. i am awake but i cant think of anything to do.

– watch movies? darn it, i do that everyday
– listen to music? constantly on the background
– play guitar? i suck playing the blasted thing
– read digital fortress? ill be stuck in the bed again
– play final fantasy X? again, ill be stuck in one room
– go outside and walk? good idea, maybe i will…wait..wait…f&*^%! …its too cold!
– get the mail? in a minute, im still finishing up this blog…
– wash dishes? i just did
– fold the laundry? yep, ill do that
– write blog? i still writing obviously
– print stuff i need for UCSF application? i cant print here till mike gets home and install the driver in my laptop
– exercise? i am lazy
– have lunch? i just did…rice, tuna, sweet pork, tomatoes
– shower? im still dripping wet…
– call girfriends? everybody is at work or school…besides almost all of them are out of state…
– cook? i am not in the mood today…

this is terrible. i am cold although its like 67 degrees inside the house. the coffemaker looks like darth vader to me. and i am about to turn off the annoying TV…


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