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walmart layaway & my clogged sinuses Marso 21, 2006

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way to spice up my subject line, eh?

i did go to wally mart today after my tasteless lunch at pancho’s with my tall one and brother attractive. not that they do not cook great mexican food. in fact, i remember them being delectable but my clogged sinuses are not cooperating with my tastebuds today. i feel sick as a dog. i thought i was just being a hypochondriac the other day but i realized i was just really sick, after taking nyquil caplets and dead poets society i slumbered my way out of monday morning but i had to go to work last night since i signed up for overtime (i should do that often, mo money, mo money!).

so going back to the original topic, i went to wally mart today and once again, gazed upon my long time dream of having an ipod. not for any other purposes but just so i can bring it on road trips and use the radio frequency to be able to play all of my 1500 songs. and being that i would like to have the 30 gig new ipod, i can put in our videos and photos too! oh…hell yeah!


it was like $297.00 and i dont like spending money that fast so i kept on stalling to buy the blasted thing. i would just always stop byt and drool over it everytime i go to the dvd section. and then it hit me hard. they have a layaway option. i could purchase that ipod by putting money on the layaway zone everytime i go in there instead of buying $50 worth of dvds. i shouldve thought about this before. silly me. but i corrected the mistake today. i put in 50 dollars in layaway for my brand new white & silver ipod (which i will exchange for a black one as soon as a new one arrives) instead of buying zathura and pride & prjudice. figure i can buy them both at hollywood video store when they become on sale for less than 8 bucks.

drat! my sinuses are still killing me. i told mike that they can go out tonight without me earlier ths morning if i still dont feel well by 6 tonight. and since im feeling worse than earlier, i think i should stick to the plan so i can get myself rested before a brutal 3 twelve hour shifts start on thursday night. i am becoming an old drat. ugh! tissues, tea and bed for me tonight i guess…


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