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irish drinking with friends Marso 19, 2006

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this was a picture taken from my motorola razr at preservation pub in knoxville tn on st patrick day (or night). it was pretty neat! an interesting night i should say. i got to drink 3 irish car bombs with mike, mark jamie, justin (who i am adding to myspace) and another jamie. then my work friends arrive: beth, becky & brian. i was kind of drunk already at that time. no, i really was drunk. shit faced i should say at the least. somehow i got a phone number from a certain bryan at the bar and met his friends, joy, christie and louie. anyway, the conversation was funny and as i remember it included something about 8 inches and 12 inches. i dont think i want to elaborate though. i got nat sherman mint cigarettes from the vending machine though jim, who i met before on this pub, usually goes to our end of the bar to bum some cigarettes. after a while we got sick of the crowded place so we went to te back of patrick sullivans. by this time, we lost justin and jamie. we had a little drink but while i was calling amy, i went out through the window and came back through it. a guy came up to me and told me to get out. and i mean get out!. i got my ass kicked out of a bar by coming through a window. to my defense, i was pissed off drunk, no signs onthe window and incredibly stupid to argue and walk out. everybody got their time. i chewed mikes head off coz i was mad at the bartender, felt so embarrassed and alone…again. but mike and mark had a point. the point was taken afterwards, when i was less sober and while everybody was taking pictures while shouting “windows!”. i am not a very good storyteller, not even a good writer, my english grammar sucks but i dotn care, i cant sleep right now blogging after watching “crying ladies” starring sharon cuneta, hilda koronel, and angel aquino. anyway, sinigang na baboy is right in front of me…i think i shall start eating now and watch something on abs-cbn…


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