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hypochondriac Marso 19, 2006

Filed under: english alphabet,my immortal life,yada yada yada — nixinne @ 10:16 hapon

i do not know what the heck i feel right now. i got like triple or quadruple layers of clothes inside the house and i am still unbelievably cold. i guess i am sick or just feel like sick. or maybe just lazy. my knees hurt like someone is pulling my tendons and ligaments on the patellar area. my lower back needs a stretch since it feels like there is a big brick on top of it. my right hip is throbbing. my trapezius muscles are aching. my eyes are heavy, my head feels like it is full of water and not brains (wow, that made me feel more stupid than most people think, ha ha ha!). my biceps are hurting although it might be because i am still typing this blog instead of actually laying down in bed.

but, i cannot do that. ill actually feel more lazy. i want to watch dead poets society. what kind of title is that? i guess they are pretty smart if they are poets but one might think how dead people can have a society? maybe people who are alive thought of the concept and raised dead poets so they can use their name to feel like they are accomplished poets? did you know that poet, when pronounced in our language (filipino/tagalog) sounds like “puwet” which is equivalent to butt or ass? i am not making any sense but i think this is fun. its like freestyle thinking although i am basically just talking to myself and just typing it out instead of saying it out loud. but in a way, i am saying it out loud. not literally of course but kind of in a way people shout online since i am posting it online for anybody who doesnt have jack shit to do with their lives read the jackshit that i actually write on this blog.

i just noticed that i like talking with the word actually as if i was lyignt he first time i said something. how many times did i use actually isn these blog minus the ones that are coming soon on teh next few more paragraphs? let me count, 1,2,3,4..no actually 5, oops maybe 6. ow heck, i dont know how to count. i actually hate math. but i actually like science like it actually helps me in my everyday life. thats actually really sad. damn, i am laughing to myself right now.

mike made me some tea and it tastes good….mmm…liar…i just drank 1/4 of it…fine…ill drink it now…slurrpppp…mark just came in the room telling us that the washer is available and that te food is ready in 20 or 30 minutes. where’s buddy anyway? oh…probably with jamie who i saw earlier wearing stewie pants. i am listening to some kind of music. i think its 80’s music. i dont recongnize it. my hands are geting tired. mike is loading the laundry in the washer. ha ha hal i … crash! buld broken, had to pick it up..now i am back. i am about to sneeze…aahhh….ahhh….darn it! i cant get it out!…anyway…gotta stop…need to go and stratch this legs…


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