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st. patrick’s day Marso 17, 2006

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oh wow!

it’s st patti’s day today! amy kept on reminding me that we will be going out tonight for a drink around the old city. we are actually talking about her picking me up to get something to wear in lieu to st patricks day celebration. as if i am really goign to pass as an irish celebrant! ha ha ha!

we will see…sprite lady (stephanie) is not coming until later tonight since she’s working till 2300. i will have to buy some green apple vodka. geez. i’ll be hammered again…

before i forgot again, i am hooked to this show in abs-cbn. no, it is not pinoy big brother celebrity edition (althoguh i am getting a lot curious everyday, i might have to take their one day free viewing promo). its this new drama telenovela titled “sa piling mo” starring juday, my “boyfriend” piolo, albert martinez, bembol roco, charlie davao, liza lorena, mat ranillo III and rica peralejo. okay, it’s chaka that i like this drma series especially with juday on it but darn, its not her i want ot see but my “super poging boyfriend” piolo pascual!. grabe ang cute niya ha! he’s blind but had an eye surgery in this telenovela and juday has a son with him although she really is very stupid with her decisions regarding her safety. ok. whatever. im getting carried away with the story. i dotn really have anythign else to do anyway so ill raher immense my time watchign this than sulk on a corner.

damn….got lots of thing to do the next few days…

– finish UCSF questionnaire
– print out UCSF forms
– send taxes to kobaly
– update phoen numbers and email addresses
– call atong to see how the funeral went
– read my acls review materials
– take a walk somewhere nice
– maybe take beth out to lunch date on saturday (if she calls me)
– watch “walk the line”
– mail”fly me to the moon” dvd (horrible tito vic & joey movie!)
– organize my clothes and stuff
– box everything that was left from the casa
– sort out groceries from the casa

on my love life, miek is talking about new york city as a back up plan…i dont know…maybe yes or maybe not…whatever happens…happens…i dont want to hope or expect anythign anymore…i lvoe him but i wont let him break my heart either….


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