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official "move out" day Marso 16, 2006

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i just woke up from an unrestful sleep. darn. i was hoping i can sleep straight from 1030 till 1730 but i guess not. military time. i use it a lot at work…

this morning, i called walker’s crossings apartments to tell them that they can come in and inspect the casa if they want to without me cause i am not on any position to drive at 0830 in the morning after a whole night of work. they said that they cannot check me out until i give them my set of keys which is understandable so i asked them if i can drop that off early tomrrow mornign after work. they said that i will be paying for the extra day if i dotn give it to them today. suckers. mike was biting his lips when he heard this (which is an indication that he is upset – or worse, mad). i told him that its ok, that ill take it to them later if i wake up early but if i dont, they’ll just chrage me…jeez…every move i take in this place has a charge. i was supposed to leave last march 6 but they wont let me coz i failed to turn in a letter that was saying i will move out on that date! it sucks because thats what the contract says anyway. that it will be terminated on march 6 but the fine prints of the contract was sayiong that i have to turn in a paper that notifies them 20 days before the move out date. so i ended up leaving 10 days later, which costs me an extra $425.00! it was ridiculous!

i guess mike was furious so he went out of his way to give the keys back to them, inspect the place, sign me out nad made sure that they wont charge me for anythign else (well, except to clean up the coffee stain on one part of the living room carpet.) i felt bad but i really cannot drive. if i did i probably would be on a car wreck by now.

anyhow. now that i am awake, i called mike to check up on him at the cabin. he is trying to finish up his taxes today and soem work from odonnell. hopefull that cable guy will actually show up to fix the cable in gatlinburg.

signign off…need to go back to sleep…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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