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improv comedy at patrick sullivan’s Marso 15, 2006

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i slept all day till about 2 pm. i went straight to my apartment and cleaned up the whole thing throwing a lot of them on the garbage and packaging the others that might be useful. mike and mark came to help me bring some stuff down to the hoopty. after the deed was done, we wnet dtraight to miyabi to eat some sushi dinner. i ate a lot! miso soup, soft shell crab tempura, shrimp tempura, smoked salmon nigiri & unagi chirashi. it was so delicious! we had 3 bottles of sake along with that (karatamba). mike and mark had some cucumber roll, rainbow roll, unagi chirashi, philly roll & steak teriyaki roll. i was a little loopy when we got out of that sushi place.

i was supposed to meet up with my friend amy last night but i guess she chickened out again. lol. but to her defense, she has two jobs and a fulltime student so i don’t blame her at all fro not showing up.

we went to patrick sullivan’s in the old city. i ordered green apple vodka and sprite while the 2 boys got s pint of guinness each. we went to the third floor and stood at a corner since we got there a bit late. it was a free show with einstein simplified. they were great. i even went onstage to do this thing where i either ring the bell if what they are acting like the eal people on my family dinner or a buzzer if they are wrong! it was hilarious and i was loopy! we ended up staying a bit longer after the show was done and people were saying hello to me. it was so funny!

finally, we got home and drank some more, played slide on the wooden floorand then went to sleep. ahhh…bliss!


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