bunch of nonsense

i think, therefore I am (an RN)

my child’s wit Marso 14, 2006

i transferred money to my mothers account so she can give the famil yof my tito boy. i cannot do anythign while i am here so i also sent some money to my son so he can go and see his lolo at his funeral. i asked him if he was okay and if he is not scared of his dead granduncle. i wasn’t expecting it and it was funny & smart at the same time.

hindi po ako natatakot sa patay. sa buhay po ako natatakot kasi ang buhay papatayin ako

which translates to “i am not afraid of dead people. i am more afraid of the living because they are the ones who can kill me”

kids nowadays are smarter and more practical…no more of the boogeymans but the truthful brutality of life. i couldnt fathom the idea of him being a teenager…he’ll be there soon and his way of thinking is way ahead of his age. he understands everything. he even engages himdelf with political wars such as the fight between iraq and the usa. he was very concerned and even wrote me a letter telling me to be careful of terrorists after the bombing of twin towers in new york. my son is a street smart. i like it that way. he will know how to handle life with or without books.

i hope my uncles funeral goes well…everybody is still in shock…i know i still am.
my heart is heavy and my mind is unclear but at least my son will be there to hold my dearest uncle and lola and all of his relatives that will be present, for me and for my mom…


goodbye tito boy…may you rest in peace…


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