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i’m le tired… Marso 9, 2006

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whew..i thought i will never get to go home tonight…work was pretty bad and i couldnt even fathom the idea of having another night like that…but it was still better than being on medical floor.


it was just refreshing to know that mike was being thoughtful this morning. i came home and i found the dinner table was set for my breakfast. i have hard boiled eggs, cream of wheat, bacon, bread, jelly and some coffee. it was so neat! you reap what you sow..giggidy, giggidy…

mmmm breakfast…

here’s the letter he wrote with the breakfast…

good morning

after all those nice dinners when we got home, i figured you should get breakfast.
the eggs are hard boiled. you need to boil water fro cream of wheat and of course nuke some bacon.
bon appetite

p.s. its the good coffee and dont forget about bee…orange juice

well, granted there are no i love you’s and it probably doesnt sound sweet but as well as i know mike, this is one of his best letters…its probably lacks some TLC in words but i prefer action anyway since action speaks louder than words…


2 Responses to “i’m le tired…”

  1. Anonymous Says:


    emote ito … hahaha

  2. Anonymous Says:


    emote ito … hahaha

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