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i think, therefore I am (an RN)

nonsense rants Marso 3, 2006

Filed under: english alphabet,my immortal life,yada yada yada — nixinne @ 8:36 hapon

i dont know yet. its almost 4 pm and i am still in bed. well, i’ve got good excuse. i was out working last night till 7 this morning. i didnt even call employee health. i am just plain lazy. tom emailed me last night. i just remembered. he is my stepdad. he doesnt like the mouse and generally, the whole computer system but he’s benefitting from multiple bulletin post about allmans brothers band and green bay packers. he is trying to get used to it and i am proud of him.

my wrist and my butt hurts! no puddle for me anymore. anyway…the question of the day is to go out or not to go out…i dont know really. i am tired. i dont like to drive at night and my contacts are failing me. plus, i feel like crap.

scratching my head, all i did was sleep and update my other site nurses notes. myspace is empty and so is friendster. no excitement. i am hungry too. i like blog especially if you don’t have anybody to talk to. maybe its better off with people with depression. or even schizophrenics since they can email the voices in their head. or even blog their experiences as it passes them by second by second. uh, oh…thats scary. like that movie that i recently saw…”the ugly”

i wonder what movie i want to watch today. i want to go out tonight and watch a movie or something. or something! just something…i wonder what my friends in connecticut are doing?…i still have to finish that thing so i can submit myself to ucsf as a trainee in their emergency room in july. too many questions to answer but i guess i am procastinating (like i usually do) because it involves lots of thinking. my brain is gonna get fried sooner or later and i am doing useless things like this than doing that. as a regular procastinator..”theres always tomorrow”…or is tomorrow gonna be there?…the twilight zoneeeeeee…(i can remember the soundtrack in my head…)

oh well..time to take a shower.


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