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what a night…very unlucky Marso 2, 2006

Filed under: english alphabet,my immortal life — nixinne @ 1:36 hapon

anybody who knows me well enough would know that i always lose my keys, my wallet, and sometimes even my sanity. he he he.

anyway…it started out like this…

i was in the kitchen, watching “sa piling mo” of abs-cbn now when mike came in from work and started to put away stuff because his brother’s boss and another co-worker will be coming in to play cards with them. My computer started to fail me while trying to finish the second episode of the piolo and judy ann telenovela [ ok, i know somebody there wil say, so baduy!!! but i really don’t care coz piolo is so pogi ]. I tried to update my windows media player but it was almost time to go to work so i just went to bathroom to brush my teeth. A bottle of shampoo fell into my big toe while trying to get the toothpaste. Ouch! then i started to look for my keys. I couldn’t find it anywhere. Mike started to help me by looking at the things that he put away earlier. We were still trying to find the keys when the others arrived. Too embarrasing for me cause they too, started to help me find the keys! i hate being in a middle of guys night out! Anyway, after calling in to be a few minutes late, i found the dumb keys wedged in between DVD’s at the DVD rack. It was getting dark in here so i really was not able to drive smoothly since i have a hard time seeing in the dark. I arrived at the parking garage at precisely 7 pm. At 7:02 i slipped on the hallway with a nice long puddle from a cleaning machine. In a hurry i found a wet floor sign stuck on a corner. I took the sign and quickly put it in the middle of the puddle so nobody else got hurt. i hurried up to my floor, told the story of the missing keys and the slipping incident. My charge nurse called housekeeping, the housesupervisor and emergency room since my right wrist and right knee started aching. so i went down to ER, very pissed at the situation. I wanted to go back to work cause i dont want to lose my patients and also i don want my floor to be short of staff. They did eventually became short because they foud out that i have a wrist and knee sprain and muscle strain on my right shoulder. I got a shot of toradol and was instructed to go home. I called mike but he was laughing at me and i was kind of a bit sensitive at this point so i just went home by myself not knowing that he picked me up anyway without me calling him to ask for a ride home. So now, i am typing with a splint on. Ouch! Gotta be ready for work later..


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