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blogthings – my names Pebrero 27, 2006

Filed under: bored posts,english alphabet,yada yada yada — nixinne @ 3:33 hapon

All we did last night was do all this questionnaire with blogthings. And i came up with some interesting names. LOL.

Superhero Profile:
Your Superhero Name is The Micro Hornet
Your Superpower is Telekinesis
Your Weakness is Body odors
Your Weapon is Your Air Tentacles
Your Mode of Transportation is Bubble
Monster Profile
War Slimer
You Feast On: Power Bars
You Lurk Around In: Las Vegas
You Especially Like to Torment: Vegans
Elf Name
Booty Hot Chocolate
Hawaiian Name
Nalani Kalia
Irish Name
Gemma Duffy
1920’s Name
Lovie Jannie
Japanese Name
Nori Kuga
PornStar Name
Spanky Bottoms
French Name
Brie Bonnin

It was very funny. Everybody should try it! There are questions like: How evil are you, What reject color are you, How abnormal are you, Who were you in past life, etc.


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