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living arrangements Pebrero 26, 2006

Filed under: english alphabet,my immortal life — nixinne @ 2:46 umaga

He told me months ago that he wanted to go with me in San Francisco. At first, I thought that it was just to accompany me there but the more he talked about it, it seems like he is talking about “indefinite living arrangements”. So i went along, thinking that it might not be a bad idea. I am not sure if i am ready fro that big step either but having him nearby is a lot easier on my travel expenditures since we dont have to pay airline tickets just ot see each other. So, today i just came to a point that i need to be straight with him or else i will be on the ESP side of the universe. When i told him he wasnt ready for us to live together and that it does not really matter as long as he tell me and not lead me on things, he said he really want to be with me and live with me. He just said that he does not want to get to a point that i will be helping him with his bills. He said he wanted to be able to mange financially alone so when we live together in San Francisco, i wouldnt have to worry anything.

In short, …well…i really dont know…


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