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angrylicious Pebrero 26, 2006

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I am deliciously angry. I came up with a new adjective that will describe how mad i am today. Very mad. Too much aggression. Not favorable to anybody today.


because of an unavoidable circumstance that happened last night at work. I had the misfortune of being floated to another floor at 11 pm last night. After 4 hours of having patients already on the floor that i started on!…GRRRR…It wasn not anybodys fault…it’s just i hated med/surg floor like no other! It’s just like a nursing home without the benefit of having a nursing assistant. The nurses that i followed on the 6 patients that i got did not have any brain whatsoever to tell me what was going on PRECISELY with this patient. Their unit is such a bullf”cking mess! A person who is diagnosed with CVA (stroke) with 90% carotid stenosis and a blood pressure of 210/70 since 5:30 pm (when i came in at 11:30pm, i did my routine vitals and found out that the high blood pressure has been documented at 5:30 in the afternoon without calling the MD’s attention) should not be left without any BP medication at all!. NEGLECT! That’s what it is. That nurse must be sued. It is a common mistake if you dont follow through your intake and outputs for one shift or if hanged your antibiotics an hour late but for a life threatening situation like that…it is neglect. That nurse should be sued from head to toe if the patient suffered yet another CVA for neglecting to mention to the doctor about the BP and not doing anythign about it!

And the nerve of the people who shows up in the morning acting like i was just sitting around all night long doing nothing! Getting pulled away from your own unit just means i don’t know where things are on their floor. I told the AM nurse that one of the IV piggybacks are not anywhere to be found so i called the pharmacy to send it up, but since the pharmacy is always busy, they havent send the medication yet and since it is was over my time to leave, i asked her if she can do me a favor and just hang that one for me. She abruptly turned her back from me. She came back to me a minute or so later holding the medications in her hand saying sarcastically “You just dont know where to look!” I was mad, angry and i wanted to pull my hair out in frustration. Doesnt she understand that i dont know my way around the floor and nobody took the time to explain to me where things are? OK, there’s another nurse who i guess just wanted to make me feel like an idiot who came up to me just to point out that one of the 3 IV machine lines is beeping although it was not connected to the patient. Doesnt he have his own brains just to turn it off? He needed me to turn off a machine! In the end he looke dlike an idiot for telling me a no brainer problem of his.

I will never go back to that floor EVER again. NEVER EVER!. I will make sure of that. I will talk to the manager since i dont really need to be there anyway. I specifically asked to be on the cardiac floor for a reason. I do not need to work 3 days on this hospital because i have agency positions who are waiting fro my availability. But since i like my floor and not anywhere else, i agreed to just work there “fulltime” PRN.

I am sleepy and yet i still want to pull my hair out…


Well, at least my day progressed to better than last night. Mike was so supportive by listening to my whining and expression of disgust to some people at work. He took my hand and told me it was okay and even bought some smoked salmon for dinner (which is my favorite dish nowadays). We also talked about moving together which we are still on planning stages. We do not want to hurry and we want it to work for both of us. We will talk more of it throughout my stay here in Knoxville.


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  1. wow 🙂
    its very interesting point of view.
    Nice post.
    realy good post

    thank you 😉

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