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champorado & date movie Pebrero 24, 2006

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Hohummm….too early. I am going to try and make some ready-to-cook Champ-o-rado mix. But it’s almost time to leave. darn…I do not think i will be able to eat that. Maybe some coffee will do for now and maybe a piece of banana. Isn’t hard to contain or cont calories? According to Beachbody’s formula, i am only allowed to eat 1020 calories a day! I am starving already just thinking about it. ok…off to second day of PALS course ad another dose of snobbish ER nurses.


Mike & I watched the “Date Movie” last night which i guess is just a spoof combination of several movies like Mr & Mrs. Smith, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Meet the Parents/Fockers, How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days, Hitch, Shallow Hal & several others that i couldnt remember. It was a terribe movie. Funny & amusing and yet terrible in every way except for the performance of the 2 main characters, Alyson Hannigan & Adam Campbell. They were exceptionally great during the Mr & Mrs. Smith spoof. They delivered their lines with absolute finesse.


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