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opening of nurse’s notes Pebrero 23, 2006

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I dont have enough things to do with my “busy” schedule so i decided to open up a much more useful blog site than what i have right now. I chose to call it Nurse’s Notes since it is all about nursing. Whatever piques my short attention span, i will try and write about it. I am not saying it is accurate. That is the reason why i included a lot of links throughout the entire blog site so i would not be liable for any stupidity that may arise from reading it (that is, if anybody will actually read it). So far I’ve got 3 topics but i will try to continue updating it. Maybe by tomorrow it will be more decent looking.

I just came home from my first part of PALS course. Talking about information overload. Way too much info for one day but its worth it. I felt out of place cause all of the other people who were taking the course are ER nurses while i am the lost sheep of the flock. I work on a cardiac step down floor and we do not really admit pediatric patients. But i love to learn new things especially i am planning to take my CCRN certification soon. I would like to be a critical care RN. I am almost there, basically, cause i am working on a step down unit but its not enough. I need mre info and more experience. I am seriously thinking of settling down in one place so i can pursue the second step to my ambition, to become an ER or CCU nurse.

i’ll have to set up priorities and plans soon…maybe after my May vacation tot eh philippines. That’s more important right now since i havent seen my child in a while.


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