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dinner at puleo’s Pebrero 22, 2006

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Last night was a blast. We actually got to hang out with Beth and her fiance, Brian. We went to Puleo’s Grille in North Peters Rpad. It was delicious Italian dinner with soem hint of southern hospitality.

Southern Roots – Italian Heritage
260 N. Peters Road, Knoxville, TN

Puleo’s Grille Blends the traditional “steak and seafood” restaurant with “southern comfort and traditional Italian offerings”.

courtesy of www.puleosgrille.com

We went there quite early so we had to sit at the bar and wait for Beth & Brian to arrive. It was still on happy hour and have good deals on every drink. I decided to get a “red wine” Sangria while Mike (at this time complaining of a sore throat” decided on getting a lighter version, i.e. “white wine” Sangria. We were surprised how delicious it was. In fact, their Sangria blend is probably one of best one’s that i ever had aside from the one’s i had at Divine Bar in Manhattan during a sangria night. It was fruity, tasty and relatively mild on alcohol taste but you can feel it kick in after gulping the whole glass quickly like a punch. Believe me, i learned it the hard way.

The ambience was cozy and entertaining. The staff was very polite, efficient and professional. I ordered Maryland Crabcakes and a side of Penne Pasta Alfredo. I was prepared because i looked up the menu before we came, too hungry i guess. Mike quickly decided to try the Filet Mignon Tip with Sweet Whipped Potatoes. Beth, who has been here before just picked Lasagna with Meat Sauce and a side of Caesar Salad. Brian, which Beth complains of being picky, ordered Chicken Tenders and Fries. They gave us relatively big servings and were very quick to serve the dinner.

My dinner was tasty but as i know what “real” crabcakes are in Maryland, I wasn’t quite impressed with the amount of breadcrumbs it had. I wouldn’t complain about my Caesar Salad since it was very good for my taste. It was not weird tasting like many others do with their caesar salad. Mike said he enjoyed his dinner,especially the sweet potatoes but said he was very full still from the whole weekend of drinking. Beth, on the other hand, almost cleaned up her plate. She claimed that she finished the whole serving before that amazed the servers because even a big person couldn’t finish eating it. Brian, ate his share of dinner and more of the bread that was served earlier.

We had a good conversational dinner. We sampled yet another restaurant in Knoxville and met new friends. We left the restaurant full and sleepy. It was still early when we came home (around 9:15pm) but Mike was getting really sick so it was early bedtime for him.

As for me, i got a phoen call from Analee & Dennis in San Francisco. She is planning to send me some pictures from our hiking trip in Angels Island and was asking me when i am going back to San Francisco. We talked for quite a bit before she switched me over to Dennis who was talking about the Pacific Coast Trail from Mexico to Canada. He said he wanted to try to hike a part of it and was asking if i wold want to do that at some point. I said that it is quite a plan and we should be well prepared for it. We said our goodbyes and i proceeded to blog my eventful day.

I should be ready for bed since Mike is snoring quite a bit. i’ll go and brush my teeth now…


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