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charmed Pebrero 21, 2006

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i got home from work safe & sound although i thought i was going to join my patients on the cardiac floor while i was driving through the winding road of martin mill pike. i hate it when people try to run you [25 miles] over the speed limit on a dangerous road especially if there is a flashing sign that we need to go 20 mph instead of 45mph! aside from being sleepy, the constant fear of being thrown over the cliff irritates the heck out of me. kung hindi nga lang ba ako nagmamadaling makauwi, hmp!. i was exhasuted from the whole night of waiting for my patient’s endless need of ice water supply (rm. 464). i wanted to get some sleep and of course, to say hi, in passing, to my full time working bf.

yep, he is working the 8am to 5pm shifts. he’s not used to doing that, being “retired” for almost two years now. but i guess, he wanted to help his bro at work so finally accepted a short time work to organize the warehouse of woodstream with manual work and software to track down the whole database. i haven’t seen him the whole weekend and i have been working since he came back, so tonight will be the first night since thursday that i will be hanging out with him.

i got a big hug from him when i came from work. he also gave me a t-shirt from maxie’s [a college bar where they used to hang out as college students in shippensburg] and a chocolate rose. hmmm…yummy! i might have to sneak in a few bites later on.

i don’t exactly know why i named this blog, charmed. i should be talking about it. anyhow, i am in front of the boob tube (as if computer monitor is not enough to tire my eyes out more) and watching the aaron spelling show “charmed” on tnt while on mute. so don’t ask me what is going on with them because cause i am busy trying to blog this thing before my eyes shuts down.

oh yeah, before i forgot. just a few random thought since my mind is racing about a few topics.

1. i saw pictures of a friend from long time ago in CT named judylyn who is now based in virginia. she is now a ramp model and i am very proud of her. i was even a little itsy bitsy jealous at first because of the glamorus clothes she was wearing but i will never exchange that for my beloved gabriel. so *poof*, the jealousy goes to la la land.

2. i am going out for a dinner with a co-worker (beth) and her fiancee tonight at puelos grill in cedar bluff. we were harrassing nikki to come but she said she has a date with a guy from match.com

3. i am a bad bad girl. daryl invited me for a dinner tonight too but with some other people with a dinner theme of “love”. i got a little scared especially when she said that some people will bring some poems and prayers to read. although i really wanted to befriend daryl, i dont think mike will agree to be there and frankly speaking, i do not think i can handle that kind of spiritual pressure either. in s hort, i just wnant to hang out, not pray.

4. i was born a catholic and although i sometimes talk to the entity of god, sometimes i doubt myself.

5. one of my best friends is engaged and will be marrying her long time beau next year. i was happy and sad at the same time. very happy for her. sad for me.

oh well..i think that should be enough for now. i know i’ll think of something else later.


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