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people at work Pebrero 20, 2006

Filed under: english alphabet,nurse's notes — nixinne @ 5:47 umaga

its been an easy night so far so we actually got enough time to sit down and eat our “lunch”. on the above photo, Marti, Barb, Andrea & Kristi were hesitant to have their picture taken by me because they are caught in the sacred act of eating. ha ha ha. they’re one of the nicest bunch i have ever worked with.

night shift people like us are far more relaxed than the day shift. as i observed it is not the work but the amount of people that you deal with on days that makes it a lot more stressful. at night, time is my best friend. i can assess my patients better, give them the time and attention they need, and get to know them personally. i love my job and my patients. i love it that i have time to seat down and talk to them. i love it that i get to take care of their needs when they need it the most. it is a very rewarding career. to be able to help. to be able to change lives for the better.

downside: when youre working night shift, your days and nights are mixed up. i dont even know when to sleep or when to eat. i just do them when i feel like it or if im working nights, when i needed to.

i guess i need to go and get me a drink before the next task begins…


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