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Boomerang™ ClosureWire Vascular Closure System (VCS) Pebrero 20, 2006

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We have been testing this closure device after a cardiac catheterization, PTCA, or stent placement. In a unit like ours who accepts patients with arterial/venous sheaths still in place, we usually take approximately 40 minutes or more of our time just for pulling sheaths and making sure that they don’t bleed excessively. This is more time taken from other patients who might need our immediate attention. This particular closure device reduces that time to almost half of the regular alloted time for this type of procedure. And since it is only 19 gauge compared to most arterial sheaths, bleeding is less common than with those who have 5 or 6 French on their groin. So far i really like it, i just hope our facility decides to use the product

Boomerang™ ClosureWire Vascular Closure System (VCS)
Cardiva Medical, Inc.

The Boomerang™ ClosureWire Vascular Closure System (VCS) utilizes a new technique called Arteriotomy Site-Specific Compression.

The Boomerang ClosureWire technique creates a site-specific compression between the inside of the arteriotomy and just outside the tissue tract, resulting in a targeted internal compression of both the arteriotomy and tract. The device is deployed, which creates immediate hemostasis and a secure seal in the cath lab in under 30 seconds. With the device in place, the arteriotomy relaxes back naturally around the Boomerang Wire (0.037 inches) while normal clotting mechanisms begin. Natural elastic recoil of the arteriotomy is known as the Boomerang Effect, which returns the arteriotomy to its original puncture size (approximately a 20 gauge needle). Following the procedure, the device is completely removed, leaving nothing in the artery or tissue tract. Final hemostasis is achieved with just a few minutes of occlusive finger pressure to close the remaining needle puncture site left by removing the Boomerang ClosureWire device.

Courtesy of: MedCompare


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