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out of the clear blue… Pebrero 17, 2006

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gusto ko lang i-share yung second card na ibinigay ni mike sa akin from the two years na were dating (the first one was on my birthday when he first met me)…

out of the clear blue,
I remember how much I love you.

Good Morning,

I just wanted to surprise you with some flowers today (oh…well, yesterday). I don’t really say this very often, but i’m lucky to be with you. You’re always there for me, doing all the little extr things. I had a wonderful birthday, you even took me skiing on the only day we’ll see snow. You’re an incredibly special person and I really do love you.


i was surprised. he is not the kind of person who will tell you, nonetheless, write to someone what he truly feels…i felt happy and sad at the same time…happy kasi i found a person who never gave me any reason to be mad or upset…sad because as much as he shows how much i mean to him, pakiramdam ko empty pa rin ako…ther’s something missing…hindi ko alam kung si Atong lang talaga ang hinihintay ko…pero as far as i know…at least ngayon alam ko na may magmamahal pa rin sa akin ng gaya ng ipinapakita ni Mike…

They just left to go PA for a “boys weekend getaway”…i hope he have fun…


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