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Charge RNs: Leadership, Appreciation & Resource Pebrero 15, 2006

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I have never been a charge nurse.
I was given an opportunity once but declined the offer for fear of a lot of things. Fear of being hated by peers. Fear of responsibility perhaps.
But i admire people who have the guts to do it. They’ve got more than compassion, knowledge and nursing skills. They are our resource person, our leader, our helper, our guide. They can be our friend, a confidante, a listener. I seldom meet this kind of charge RN. I certainly found not only one but a lot of them who really cares abot their peers.

The gifts shown above was given to every single nurse on our unit by our charge nurses on Valentine’s Day as a token of their appreciation. I was touched by their gesture not by the contents. Not only by the gifts did they show their kindness and concern but also everyday when i come to work. They not only ask how i was but also asks what they can do for me during the shift. It was refreshing and stress free just knowing that you have another soul that cares and appreciates what you do.

I admire all the charge nurses on all health facilities all over the world. Their leadership, knowledge, patience & compassion helps all the other nurses survive what is becoming of them on stressful situations at work.


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