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zoo time! Nobyembre 13, 2005

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knoxville zoo is cool!
i have been down the last few days because of my work status…i think mike sensed that in me so he took me to the zoo…(which was originally planned on my bday…it was a happy time…i forgot about everything again…i love being able to go and roam around the zoo…it was really weird because i thought/felt that the animals in that zoo was looking at me and observing me instead of me observing them!…animals who normally lay around and do nothing will come up infront of the cage when i peek on them…mike said it was weird too…they probably think that i am new in town since hindi naman ako amerikano…ha ha ha…

we went and hang out at the preservation pub with mark and some of his friends…april and stephanie…april is the sister of lisa and david with the four kids ( just a little reminder of who is who)…i got my tanini sauce with the bread and then we went to sapphire…but no martini!…sapphire and tonic was the choice of drink there though…i cant drink anymore…it makes my stomach hurt…anyway…mark was really out of it but he went home still…

me and mike had a deep conversation regarding his view in life and how do we place each other in our worlds…i dotn know what to think after our conversation…it doesnt put me anywhere solid in his life…or am i misreading his messages?…he plans on doing a lot of stuff with me in the future…is that enough?…

we both dont want traditional marriage but want the companionship it offers…but i told him what i want and what i am scared off in this relationship…its hard to put in words what he said…a lot of people might think that i should just leave him but there is more to him than a piece of engagement ring…


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