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birthday weekend Nobyembre 6, 2005

Filed under: my immortal life,picture show — nixinne @ 4:21 umaga

isnt that sweettttttt!?

mike gave me these presents (and some are still in the mail apparently) for ym bday aside from taking me to the movies to watch zorro. we tried going to the zoo yesterday but it was closed. and we just watched movies after movies after movies. (including exorcist: the beginning & the notebook ) we just cuddled on my living room floor all night last night. i dont really know what to say or what to expect. he is the most wonderful guy ever. (not because of the gifts) but for all other reasons.

tonight, my shift got cancelled so we just finished reading da vinci code. it’s an awesome book but not to be taken seriously. it is in fact a novel and not a textbook regarding symbology and religious facts. i will need a separate blog entry for my opinion on this one.

well. nothing more to be said. just so thankful that ive got family and friends that remembered me on my special day. i am so lucky to have them.


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