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rookies Nobyembre 3, 2005

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it’s rookies night!

gotta loosen up a bit. need alcohol in my veins. maybe it will reach my brain and it will indignantly swell up then burst into millions of pieces…

rookies here in west knoxville area (approximately 2 miles away from my apartment) is a fun, cozy, sports oriented bar that is good for low budgeted night outs and bad for alcoholics. they’ve got good deal on pitcher and pint drafts from monday to thursday. imagine this… $4 per pitcher of any drafts and 10 cents shrimps and buffalo wings!…yum yum yum…


Rookies Sports Bar & Grill
134 N Peters Rd
Knoxville, TN 37923-4907
(865) 691-0219

me, mike, mark and jamie ( the four of us doesnt have much friends here in knoxville area so we frequently amuse ourselves by hanging out together almost every night ) gathered around a high, round table on the middle of the bar dinking away our youth and filling our guts with their delicious shrimps and buffalo wings.

but my night didnt end as well as i planned it to be. i thought ill be good but egh. gerd kicked in. or stomach virus. gruesome details need not to be discussed unless persuaded privately. egh.

at least mike was there to help me out. rubbing my back. offering me water. just being there.

i think its time to go to sleep


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