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Continuation…Psych Unit Oktubre 19, 2005

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I forgot what happened to my last blog about the psych unit i worked on but i’ll just continue to blabber stuff about how real & UN real it is to have such ordeal…

it is very interesting…the facts of life…the human anatomy & physiology…no machine can ever match what we have in our body and how it works…its fucking incredible…the more i see it and work with it, it amazes me more and more…and like other things in this materialistic world, we tend to take it for granted…hence the smoking, drinking, inhaling stuff we are not suppose to, putting unknown stuff in our body, eating all the unhealthy foods, indulging our eyes with violence in movies and sex on TV…

etc…etc…and i am only talking about human body here…i havent mention the human brain yet…whi9ch i will do now…the human brain…darn those brain cells…theyre oretty fucking amazing…it can make the whole body work and more!…it can make you sing, dance, have sex, enjoy sex, be angry, be sad, be productive at work, be lazy, be athletic, be creative, build stuff, enables you to make your own fucking decisions (this part of the brain work kinda slow for most people…). It determines what personality youre gonna have according to your “growing uo experiences”…

ok, i am sounding like a fucking science book here but the main point is that we take our own life for granted, making the littlest thing the worst case scenario in the world before hurricane katrina, earthquake in pakistan and the NYC 911 tragedy…

these people that i worked with in the psych unit…i couldnt even grasp the intensity of their situation but most of them i observed has some genetic, environmental and developmental influence. Genetic being a lot of their immediate family has some sort of psych issues, environmental being where they were raised and what kind of place/situation they were in , developmental being having their parent’s influence is (aka how they raised them) & or how their brain actualy grew into what it is right now…

i passed through that stage…being depressed…being suicidal…being angry…but that was a long time ago…it took me a while to realize that analyzing things and going into the depth of the realms of my existense and pitying myself for what i didnt have and what couldve been rather than enjoying what i had and being thankful fro all the small things that was given to me was better than anything else…i always tried to live in the past, tried to look for something that was missing and i didnt even know what was it that i was missing, tried to mourn what was left behind, tried to hate, tried to be mad…it doesnt work…i just had to live my life…

i still dont know if there is anythign in this world would make me happy as i was when i gave birth to my son…it was the happiest time of my life…i knew i have someone i can call my own, my own flesh and blood…it is no comparison to louis vuitton bag i assure you…


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