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Rollercoaster Tycoon Oktubre 3, 2005

Filed under: hobbies in my mind,modern tech — nixinne @ 3:16 hapon

Ok, so last night was saturday night and sad to say i was a loser…meaning i didnt go out and didnt do anything…i was going to pull out my hair in different places but decided it would hurt and would lose some of my hair so i settled into playing a computer game…

YEP…it is Rollercoaster Tycoon…yea…thats what im talking about…wanna fight about it?…huh…huh???…

Sorry..becoming too attached to family guy…(It’s Chris boss on the golf driving range in one of the episodes)

Anyway…it was a pleasant surprise…ive never had the chance to play this game till last night and i am glad i did…when ur pretty bored, this is one of those things that you can get your mind lost into…i enjoyed making my own theme park and enjoyed bullying people who were about to spew…its sooo much fun…after youve attained your goal you can close up your whole park so no one can get out or drown several people…pretty sadistic but there are other few things that makes it fun…you get to see if you can actually become an owner of a darn theme park and manage it properly…Graphics are just ok (duh…compared to Xbox games)…but is funny in some way..(people who need to find bathrooms or were getting nauseated by our rides)…SOunds are irritating…i hope i could change it…objectives are fine but needs more of them…Maybe the 2nd RT is better…


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