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Catastrophe Oktubre 2, 2005

Filed under: english alphabet,my immortal life,yada yada yada — nixinne @ 10:51 umaga

People who hates me would say…GOOD FOR YOU!
Because it is a major catastrophe! I thought coming here in Knoxville will be awesome…I’ll have a nice luxury apartment, boyfriend in town, good job, nightlife…i thought it will be a nice getaway to all problems before i actually face them…

Well, my friends in CA are right…i AM aching to go back and work in CA again…it’s not even 3 months yet and i am seriously thinking of dropping my lease here and work in CA…stupid stupid me…came here before i got the job that i wanted…for some F$%#%$ up reason hospital census are low and they quit hiring travel nurses as soon as i got done with CA assignment…frustrating…

now being employed within 2 per diem agencies is nothing…i cant get assignment…i would get them but i get cancelled a lot…

How many freakin orientation and examinations did i go through already? oh well…baptist hospital is my last venue…ill do full time per diem in their facility…i love my job and i want to have one soon…

Maybe ill go out today and look at garage sales…I need a couch and a dining table…I think it is the perfect way to get me inexpensive stuff then dispose of them when the time comes for me to leave this god forsaken place…

I still love travelling…but i am beginning to hate knoxville…


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