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Family Guy: The Movie! Setyembre 30, 2005

Filed under: funfare,hobbies in my mind — nixinne @ 3:19 umaga

I love this show…

i love Stewie and the infamous Quagmire (giggity…giggity…allright!)..

Mike bought the DVD yesterday. We watched it last night with a Beef Mechado (which was surprisingly cooked by Mike) and a glass of white wine.

The food was great especially it was a Filipino food cooked by a 100% American. Well, that was not the point of this anyhow…What i am trying to tell you is that the movie was OK…

There is a reason why i said OK and not great…It wasnt as funny as i thought it would be but there are some instances that i almost soiled myself in laughing (ooops…i didnt mean to say that…it was just an expression from my beloved Stewie!) LOL…

It was not as brillian as i thought it would be …they have funny antics but nobody was sodomized or abused…Well…there was a funny remark about Filipino nurses stealing or somethign like that…

I was not even surprised when they said somethign about Filipinos in this movie cause they make sure that every season they make fun of Filipino community in the US…I dont know why but they just do that…

i still like the movie though…Quagmire is the best!


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