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End of Blount Orientation Setyembre 28, 2005

Filed under: english alphabet,my immortal life,yada yada yada — nixinne @ 5:08 hapon

Darn… darn …darn…

its’ been quite a very slow past two days…i think everything is slow here in Knoxville…Don’t get me wrong…I love the place, it’s just that almost everybody is slow and the “twang” on some old southern hill billies here is driving me nuts!…”twang” means the southern accent like “Ya all! Duh t’ar on mah vehekle ish fla’ as a pancake in Waffle Hause”… (which translates to “the tire on my vehicle is flat as a pancake in waffle house!”)…

oh well. done with some stupid orientation…am seriously thinking of getting a travel assignment in Nashville which is 4 hours away from here but at least they have jobs i can depend to and they pay more (unlike here that they dont have both!)…Or i will just have to either go to San Francisco or New York!…


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