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athleticism Hulyo 25, 2005

Filed under: english alphabet,my immortal life,party pack — nixinne @ 1:39 hapon


lolz…i am on the athletic mode today…actually got up really late coz i went home late last night from the The Flat Lounge…its a cool bar/lounge by the way…variety of music but more on the rap/hiphop side…didnt really get tanked but enough to be buzzed…met ada’s pseudo boyfriend gerry…i might have to call mike that…lol…anyhow about the whole athletic thing…im supposed to do biking in a few minutes…been waiting for rohit to get his groove on but i think he is on the lazy side today…there is a huge flea market sale on 7th avenue…big ass market place down there…they closed the entire street from times square to i think 57th st…ok…rohit said noodle time so ill get some noodles for lunch and then head on with or without him…getting lazy here myself…got some new stretch techniques for my aching back and for my arms and legs…better get that ready coz ill be doing biking and rock climbing today…ROCK CLIMBING!…tried to call mike so he wont forget my wine from tenessee…but i guess he is slacking off himself…ouch..i can feel my back aching…mom called about the job thing…i hope i could get it as a full time but i still want my ACLS done…


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