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another day to ponder Abril 16, 2005

Filed under: english alphabet,my immortal life — nixinne @ 2:49 umaga

what did i do today? well..i actually was lazy today…
i did talk to mike over the net…it was fun…we didnt have any cybersex, which i thought was the only reason why he would want to talk to me over the webcam…i think i still cant see if he really loves me because im me or just because he’s enjoying my company, the things i do for him, or the places i am in.

i may be crazy but i am scared to think that he really does care. i learned that everything will not work out the way i like it so just better hang on and enjoy the moment. at one point in the future, he would realize he dont love me at all and that he was just infatuated coz we have the same interests. this is new for him.

i should also be thinking about my son and my dad but i dont. i should be saving money but i dont. i shouldnt be calling in sick but i will be doing that again next week. i hate that. i really do. im becoming the same insanely in love person again. i won’t be going to TN after NY. i shouldnt. i should concentrate on working. saving up.

i should watch the movie now so i can go to sleep soon…


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